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Introduction of Parurean and GKPA Parurean

Posted by Harahap on June 10, 2009

Thanks God now we can have a blog to post all about our village and our holy church.

Our village placed in North Tapanuli, Sumatera Utara, and in our village (Parurean) we have ane church named GKPA Parurean, and from 1995 until now the process of build the church was obstacle by financial.

so we still wish your help to our village and our church by donate to our account.

All the donation for this church is come from our villager which work in town (like medan, pekanbaru and jakarta), in our statistic the villager that stay out of the village is 100 family.

this is some picture of our church, the altar still make of from simple wood, floor still from soil, and we still plan to build some tower for the bell, and education and sport facility for the parish.

You can donate via Paypal in


4 Responses to “Introduction of Parurean and GKPA Parurean”

  1. naposobulungangkola said

    I think it’s the one of the biggest church in that area.we have joined with the people in this church with the youth council from our local church in Padangsidimpuan last year.
    and we get a nice an good respond from them
    You can see it in our blog at


  2. bespan said

    semoga pembangunan gereja ini cepat selesai..Tuhan Memberkati

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